Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Starting in the Middle: The One Week Wardrobe

This blog is starting with a tiny, anti-climactic whimper: I'm not starting the One Week Wardrobe. I've already been doing it for a month.

Just what is this "One Week Wardrobe," you ask?

The One Week Wardrobe is a 4-week challenge, asking you to only wear seven, day-of-the-week-specific outfits in order to turn your attention on where your clothes come from, how they are made, and what you really need.

As the creator of this crazy challenge, I'm putting myself especially through the ringer: I'll be doing the OWW for the entirety of 2017--allowing for total wardrobe changes with the seasons. I live in the South; I'm not going to survive the summer in my current sweaters.

You may be wondering, why seven outfits? Why do the days of the week matter? Why does any of this matter?

All of these are good questions, and we'll get to them all in turn, so stay tuned.

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