Tuesday, February 14, 2017

6 Weeks in: Thoughts + Feels

In honor of Valentine's Day, I figured there was no better time to tell you about how much I am loving my One Week Wardrobe.

And I. am. loving. it.

Except when I get frustrated by it. {Just picture me plucking petals off a daisy: "I love having fewer clothes...I hate having fewer clothes..."}

Like with most things in this life, there are some wonderful things about paring down my wardrobe this way and some things that are difficult. Let's break it down:

Pros of my One Week Wardrobe:

+ I never think about how to put an outfit together.

+ It takes me less than a minute to get dressed...provided everything is where it's supposed to be.

+ My drawers are uncluttered and always shut easily.

+ My drawers stay really organized because there is so little in them.

+ I'm doing less laundry.

Cons of my One Week Wardrobe:

- If I skip laundry, I'm kind of screwed.

- I feel guilty changing my shirt if it gets dirty: I was supposed to wear this, so I should wear it!

- Having less hasn't fixed my drape-it-over-the-side-table-because-it's-not-dirty-but-it's-not-fresh-either problem. (Can anyone else relate to this?!)

- I'm realizing that my style is rather...boring. And my jeans are in pretty sad shape.

All in all...

I'm pretty pleased with the experiment so far. My clothes aren't flashy, but I'm not tired of them. I am beginning to think that my seasonal changeout will happen sooner rather than later, though: it's so warm for February!

Today's photo thanks to Kaz!

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