Wednesday, February 15, 2017

What I've been reading | Jan+Feb 2017

 Last year, I didn't read nearly as much as I'd like to. Hoping to rectify that, I'm sharing here what I've read. Accountability--it's a wonderful thing!

And because reading is more fun when you can talk about it with someone else, I'm linking up with Anne Bogel over at Modern Mrs. Darcy for Quick Lit, where she and other bloggers share short reviews of what they've read lately.

Now, onto the books!

Women of the Word :: Jen Wilkin

I listened to this as an audiobook...and immediately ordered a physical copy to have for keeps. This book lays out how to study the Bible in a thoughtful, careful way that will help you grow in understanding of God's Word and how a particular book or passage fits into the grand narrative of the Bible. A great reference I'll come back to again and again.

Fast Diet :: Michael Mosley

After seeing a BBC special that featured Dr. Mosley (anybody else a sucker for British TV?), I dove into this explanation of why fasting is so good for our bodies--beyond weight loss, fasting can lower your risk for type 2 diabetes by reducing insulin resistance, reduce inflammation in your body, lower your risk for Alzheimer's, and even increase your lifespan. In the first six weeks of the year, in which I had probably as many fast days, I've lost five or so (previously stubborn) pounds and actually look forward to my fasting days as a chance to reset my body. Also, my hunger cues have changed: I'm less likely to feel hungry all the day long and don't think about food constantly. Can't say enough good things about it!

Fast Exercise :: Michael Mosley

Same author, different BBC special. :) This book focuses on how good short spurts of intense activity--running, cycling, lifting heavy things, you name it--can offer terrific results and outcomes for your body. I love running sprints rather than long, evenly-paced runs...but I haven't put what I've learned into nearly as much practice as I should. Especially since a ten-minute workout is so doable!

Sarah's Key :: Tatiana De Rosnay

A WWII story about a young Jewish girl in France juxtaposed with a modern story of the journalist who finds a personal connection to her. The modern antagonist wasn't as compelling as I would have liked, and the young girl's story cut off halfway through the book. Good read, good to remember the horrors of that time, but not my favorite read of all time.

Poppy :: Avi

After a holocaust novel, I wanted something lighter, something fun. This is a kidlit story about a young mouse whose family lives under the thumb of an owl who "protects" them and her adventure to try to find answers and a new home for the family. A story of bravery, and very enjoyable--particularly the porcupine who uses epithets like "mouse manure."

What have you been reading lately? I'd love to hear!

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  1. I loved Women of the Word. I have None Like Him on my TBR.

  2. Ooh, thanks for the reminder about that one. I just checked and my library has the audiobook version of None Like Him, so I downloaded it straight away!

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  4. I might have to look into Women of the Word, I'm trying to find a good solution for (and inspiration for) digging into the Word and I know my most predictable, dependable opportunity is during my one hour commute into work each day. Sounds like the audio book might be just the right thing!

    Also, I love children's books and especially ones about mice (I have no idea why!), so I'm definitely adding Poppy to my kidlit TBR list!

    1. YES! I so love kidlit mice...and teddy bears in picture books--again, no idea why!

  5. Women of the Word is my favorite book ob studying the Bible. Have you read Wilkin's None Like Him? That is also a great one! And I agree with Sarah's Key. I wasn't crazy about her writing style and the protagonist wasn't very likable.

    Here are my Jan reads:

    1. I checked out None Like Him from the library online, but something went wrong and it won't let me download it! I'm eager to get it cleared up so I can listen.
      Thanks for stopping by!